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The Millenium Profit Report

The Millenium Profit Report (formerly known as the Feuerstein Report) is a new and fresh journalistic venture that offers coverage of breaking stories, or stories that have broken under the weight of corporations working hard to suppress those stories, addressing the way that corporate profits are generated, manipulated, hidden and distributed as we approach and move through the Millenium.

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Sara Lee and Listeriosis

March 3, 1999 "The safety of everyone who eats our products is our number-one priority, and therefore we are voluntarily taking this precautionary measure," said George A. Chivari, president and chief executive officer of Bil Mar Foods, as quoted on the Sara Lee web site.

Bil Mar is the division of Sara Lee that sold hot dogs laced with Listeria bacteria. These hot dogs (along other meat products) have killed at least 20 people. They could have prevented the "outbreak" of listeriosis by performing tests that would have cost the company approximately $3000 per day per plant, as reported in the Chicago Tribune on January 24th of this year.

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Sara Lee and Listeriosis

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