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A letter from Puerto Rico

Read about my latest trip as well as an update on a very interesting new product, Black Spot Sneakers.

(added (8/1)


Chicago Tribune Feature

Programming ace, Mideast activist; tech author adheres to his own code
Social responsibility is the name of Steven Feuerstein's game.

Author of "Oracle PL/SQL Programming," which has sold about 250,000 copies (a mind-boggling number for a technology how-to book), Feuerstein is considered one of the world's leading experts on the database programming language called Oracle PL/SQL. [article]

(added 6/12)


An explanation of my card:

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Qnxo: Quality In, Excellence Out, a new tool under development by Steven Feuerstein that will totally transform the way you write PL/SQL applications.


Ounit, the Oracle Unit Tester is the one and only GUI tool to help you unit test PL/SQL programs (built on the open source utPLSQL engine).


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